Who We Are

Mission Statement:

To maintain a collectively-run, worker-owned institute that provides applied and experiential educational programs to youth and adults, that is rooted in the ecology of the San Francisco Bay Area. Surplus from programs will be used to enhance educational programs for disadvantaged youth.


Jared Francois Aldrich

Born in Canyon, CA., he has made his home in the SF Bay Area for 34 years. He has taught adult and youth ecological education since 2001, in subjects such as sailing, mycology, restoration, strawbale and cob construction, archery, and wildfoods. A graduate of both the Evergreen State College and the North American School of Natural Building, he has worked as a natural builder/ designer, salmon restoration technician, wildland firefighter, historic tallship sailor, landscape architect,  and Alaska fisherman. When he grows up, he would like to sail the Pacific to the dripping forests of the Kamchatka Peninsula, and catch salmon with his bare hands.

Katharine-Ellen  Jolda

A native of the California East Bay, Katharine Jolda spent six years in Arizona, working on the Navajo Nation in health education, and helping with sheepherding and farming. Having lots of  wool with which to practice, she is the artisan behind Felt the Sun,  and understands her felt practice as a creative form of “direct action” that builds reciprocal and honorable relationships to serve practical needs. She is a member of the Fibershed Project, 2010 graduate of the Women’s Initiative for Self-Employment, and finishing a teaching credential at Touro University in Vallejo.

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