Making the Bay Area wilds feel like home

Imagine living in a world where local rivers and deer trails are your roads of choice, and dinner waits for you out in mist. Or, imagine feeling comfortable sleeping, moving through, clothing yourself, building your family’s house, and plain-old feeling at home in your local Bay Area wildlands. This is what we strive for at the Yerba Buena Institute for Local Living and Creative Survival!

2011 schedule of programs:

Coldwater Scout Summer Camp. August 8-19th. Ages 11-15.

Wool Felting – the original “high-performance fleece.” July and August. All ages.

Natural Building and the Art of Local Living. 3 weekend sessions, September 10-11th, 17-18th, 24-25th. All ages.

Seaschool: Art of the Ancient Mariner. Weekend program, Oct. 22-23rd and Oct. 29-30th. Ages 11-15 and 7-10.

Homeschool: Coldwater scouts. Ages: 11-15 and 7-10. A one day a week, for 6 weeks program. Fall.

Sudden Oak Life. November. All ages.

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